Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September Update

It's been a month since I blogged! My how time flies. So, this is my "update", as I still don't have the time right now to blog, to "Ravelize", and such. :) Soon enough, I will. :)

1. Knitting is my friend. I'm on my 2nd BSJ with ShibuiKnits and Koigu. No pics yet! Also, working on a 2nd sock (hence second sock syndrome will be licked in the butt), and then it's onto fingerless mitts, scarves and hats for my Greenlandic son's family (Christmas). No matter what, and although I don't have much time, my knitting is with me. I haven't had time to begin my MS 4 project, but it's all in a project bag, along with clues 1 and 2...just waiting. And, at the moment, I've been tagged by a team member for DishRagTag, and I'm "IT". My dishcloth goes out today to a team member, too. Go Knitting Aces! :)

2. My eldest son had a rollover auto accident this weekend while out of state, on his way to NG training. He fell asleep at the wheel early in the morning, while raining, and flipped his 20 year old Jeep a few times. God saw that it was NOT his time to leave this world, as he's OK. :)
He looks like he's been beaten with the "ugly stick", as he's black and blue, with lots of cuts, scrapes and bruises. He moves like a 100 year old man, but he's fine. Of course, when he's recuperated, I'll give him the mom speech, sort of a "what were you thinking?!!!!" with a motherly whack on the side of the head. :) Not really.

3. Kiddos are back in school. The youngest is at a private Christian school this year, and it's working well for everyone. HS Jr is homeschooled and taking online classes, Eldest is taking local college courses, and our exchange student son is at the public high school. I've never been more busier in my life, and that's including when I was working full time as a RN!

4. I love, love, love being a host mom. R is an awesome young man from Greenland, and we're blessed to have him as a part of our family. More on this to come later.

5. Time for me to send out packages for SP12 and Yarn Thing swaps, and I have a few things to mail out for a few swapees (PIF, a cool mug for someone else, etc).

Yikes! It's 6 am, and it's time for me to get going. Enjoy Fall, Y'all!!!!!


Dorothy said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are happily busy! VERY VERY glad to hear that your son is alright. I hope he recuperates quickly.

It's starting to feel like fall here - I can't wait to go apple picking!

lauriec said...

I hope your son is on the mend soon! How scary!

And yes, GO ACES!!!!

SP12 ;D said...

ok ~ lets try this again for the 3rd time. LOL Sorry to hear about your son but glad that he's doing better. I see you are as busy as I am though I hope you are getting some rest. ;)

I'm working on your final package though I thought it was to be your 2nd. Guess I goofed on how long this has been going on. Did you get your postcard?

I'm off to finalize your package and will let you know when its sets sail. Have a great weekend.

Yarn Thing said...

Hey everything okay? Marly

Dorothy said...

Hi Kris! I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you. I hope you and your family have a blessed holiday season!