Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No, I'm STILL here...and so is my yarn, of course...

Monkeys are Here! Actually, they arrived a week ago. thank you, Cindy! What gorgeous socks! And, they fit perfectly! Cindy alson spoiled me with a handmade embroidered monkey sock bag, a monkey punchbag, a coloring kit for my son, and some nice circs, patterns, and directions for knitting socks with 2 circs....I can't wait! The Crystal Palace Bunny Hop yarn will make nice sock for my niece. Again, Thanks Cindy! :)

Wow! A whole week without blogging...I'm surprised, since I'm online and reading blogs, knitting sites, etc. every day! So, what have I been up to? Nothing, really. A nice picnic on the 4th with friends (and a great fruit salad!), moving son #2 into son #1's room...making son #2's room....MY CRAFT ROOM!!! MY permanent craft room!!!! Yes, that's where I've been. Unpacking, sorting, stacking, organizing patters, yarns, accessories, swap goodies to send, goodies to photograph for the blog. ...and fitting a daybed (aka bed for son #1 when home from college) into the corner with a burgundy matelasse cover and such. Oh, and THE BIRDS live there, at least temporarily. The birds are 5 cockatiels that belong to son #1...Lua, Gizmo, Feathers, Sampson, and Samantha...all have nasty bird dander, like attention, are very smart, and just do NOT go well in a craft room!
What have I been knitting? I finished (but not felted) a ballband bag with Cascade 220 in a raspberry colorway, and a coordinating Noro Kureyon. I've looked at my Sockapalooza socks, but no gumption yet....only 3/4 of one sock finished so far. Project of choice: a great tank called the "Love It" tank, written by and purchased at Knottygirl in Fairfield, CT a few weeks ago. Love It is from Berroco, and is "A cool matte cotton/acrylic blend with just the right touch of elastic. Our range of 24 colors spans the spectrum from softened pastels and sophisticated mid tones to primary and jewel toned summer brights." A easy, but cute pattern for a tank...I can't find any more information on it, though! The TKGA summer conference is being held here in NH this weekend...and I plan to be there on Friday AND it's less than 10 minutes from my home. I hope to see many others there as well. :) Now, I really need to get my camera going, and take some photos of some swaps I received last week...from April in the Knitflix swap and from Jaana in the Super Sox Box Swap! Both were wonderful and much appreciated! April sent one of my favorite musicals that I don't own...Oklahoma!, along with a beautiful knitting bag (completing the OK theme)...take a look at the wonderful print lining this bag!, along with bee hand salve, a brass star, bandana notecards, popcorn, and sock yarn from Artsygal in Zannie Veggie Garden colorway. Wow! I was I spoiled!

Jaana was most kind in sending a wonderful box to me for this swap:
2 skeins of a beautiful Regia bamboo yarn (SO soft!), a handmade linen bag ( lined in a gorgeous pink fabric and my name is embroidered on the front!), Fiskar travel scissors, lovely green stitch markers, 2 bars of soap (one is coffee scented!), a cute magnet, coffee, jellied candies (they look like the same consistency of Swedish Fish, but I can't read Finnish! - Yum), and a cappuccino packet.