Thursday, September 27, 2007

Forest Canopy Post -Mortem Note

Ahem...Today, an hour ago, my "sweet" 7 month old Schnoodle, Annie, had a tug of war with my current Forest Canopy Shawl...about half way completed. She won. Sigh. It was all undone...during a few short seconds in the middle of the Red Sox game (Go Sox!).
Sweet, sweet schnauzer faced angel girl...the puppy that I myself had chosen over all others...LOVES to eat my string on sticks...aka needles and yarn. A lot.
It was no use, damage was done, so I rewound the skein, made a nice cuppa Green Mountain coffee, poured it into my favorite Longaberger coffee mug, and ....started again.
RIP Forest Canopy, and I begin again. Note to self: Knit with Annie ONLY if watching her every move, and secondly, I have this pattern memorized, so second time must be a charm! :)
I think the Lord is teaching me patience.

Mr. Greenjeans!

Mr. Greenjeans KAL
Mr. Greenjeans by Amy Swenson in the Fall 2007 issue of Knitty
I was pulled into this swap by my own lusts and desires...I love the pattern, and I desire to knit it! So, I will. Oh, there's also a Ravelry group, of course. I'm in.
I talked myself out of going to the LYS (although I "must" go, I said, to buy a gift for my secret pal's box...) Why not go to the LYS? Um...I need to pay the mortgage tomorrow, and I have a weakness for yarn. Duh. My bad, as my teen would say. However, I DO have a stash of Berroco Pure Merino in Bordeaux (a wine color, perfect for fall).

Do you like knitting lace? or are intrigued by it?
I do, and I am.
I came across Knitting Beyond the Hebrides (KBTH) website, which is listed as this noted below:

"Welcome to the home of Knitting Beyond the Hebrides. The KBTH website and list are dedicated to those wanting to share information and techniques about traditional forms of knitting, such as Fair Isle, Aran and Guernsey. We also discuss different designers and other interesting techniques and types of knitting, such as intarsia and lace. Although we tend towards more advanced discussions, we welcome thinking knitters of any skill level who are interested in learning and trying new techniques.

MAY 2006 brings with it a KBTH exclusive: the Online Symposium on Lace Knitting. Have you ever wanted to try lace, but have been put off by charts, fine and slippery yarn, and a perception that lace is difficult to master? Join us and find out that it's really not that hard."

At the above site is a gallery, library, links, and associated patterns...but also...I found this!
KBTH Lace Virtual Conference
The Same but Different
Shetland Lace in a European Context
by Elizabeth Lovick
It covers Shetland, Icelandic, Faeroese, Estonian, Ukranian, and Orenburg laces, keys to charts, history of various laces, terminology, and 3 lovely, lovely patterns in various yarn weights (light aran, laceweight and cobweb). Copyright says that "you may make one copy of this document for your use only." It appears to be a 43 page treasure trove of lace-knitting treasure trove of information from the author. I notice her website is at Northern Lace.
At her site, she offers free patterns for a Shetland Lace Cat's Paw Scarf in fingering weight, and an Aran Weight Gansey Scarf. You must see! :) Elizabeth also offers lovely wool, patterns, and books for sale...time for me to go shopping at her site, I see. :)
This is my next lace step after the Branching Out Scarf and Forest Canopy Shawl (WIP).
Just wanted to share this information with you. :)

FFBE Weekly Question

As of this weekend, the season has officially changed on the calendar - but what makes Autumn feel like Autumn to you, and why?

Here in New Hampshire, Autumn to me incorporates: the briskness of a cool sunny day, the colored leaves on trees and lawn (which then end up in the house between the kids and dogs), apple picking, pumpkin farm visits, the need for a sweater, a rake, and a hot coffee or cider. Autumn is my favorite time of the year...perfect temps (no need for air conditioning or my sub-zero outerwear), a perfect excuse for knitting while watching outdoor soccer games, and if it's cold, dreary and's a good excuse to bake that apple pie, make a wonderful large pot of homemade chicken (and pastini) soup, and knit, knit, knit.
Does anyone remember pressing Fall leaves between sheets of waxed paper as a child? I love the smell of the leaves! Which reminds me...the teen at home needs to rake the yard. :)
Enjoy Fall, Ya'll!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knitterly Ramblings

In my knitting world, I'm enjoying working on my Forest Canopy Shawl. I've learned to use "lifelines" in my knitting...that is a SMART thing to do, not a waste of time. I learn things the hard way. :)
This past week, I've become addicted to knitting podcasts. I can't believe I haven't used my iPod for these before now! I can even download books of the Bible, so I can have the word of God in my ear while doing housework, chores, etc. Back to knitting podcasts...I'm very new to these, but my FAVORITES are Sticks & String
and Cast On.
I also listen sporadically to CraftLit, Stash and Burn (podcasting about all things knitting and life under the weight of the stash),and She -Knits (talks about knitting, designing knits, family life (7 kids) , and balancing it all)... these free podcasts that suit my style. I subscribe to my podcasts through iTunes, so it's easy for me to use. Since no one in my family "gets" Knitting, or why I enjoy it, or enjoy touching various fibers and yarns, it's nice to have a venue to where I feel accepted and understood. I love knitting! Of course, don't get me love for my Lord and family come first, but you know what I mean. :)
I hope to put up my projects and notebook entries (stash, WIPs, etc.) soon on Ravelry (find me as KnittyKris).
On the homefront, we're off to New England's oldest family fair...the 131st annual Deerfield Fair
On Friday, it's up to Norwich U we go, as it's Family Weekend at Son's college. He'll be home for 24 hours, and I can't wait!
on Thursday. You KNOW I'll be heading to the fiber crafts, animals, and all such related areas. Oh, and for the deep fried pickles. And Kettle Corn. And Fried Dough. Enough said.