Monday, October 1, 2007

Visit to Norwich Parents Weekend and Knitting

This weekend, my family and I ...went to Parents Weekend at our eldest son's college, Norwich University in Vermont. Wonderful program for the family, good good, great Fall weather, and A LOT of knitting time in the a rook, my son had a 16 hr leave and then a 28 hr leave, so we traveled quite a bit this past weekend. As a mom, I'm happy to say that our son looks great, seems to be enjoying life as a rook cadet, and all seems well. I enjoyed 2.5 hrs of knitting time each way (15 hrs. in the car), and brought along my knitting podcasts to listen to. My Forest Canopy Shawl is coming along amazingly fast (for me) and I'll be casting on Mr. Greenjeans, for a change of pace. I'm not one to have multiple WIPs usually, but I think I need to. Time to update iPod knitting podcasts for the week, and hopefully I'll download my WIPs into Ravelry.