Saturday, March 24, 2007

Where is my Secret Pal From?

My lovely secret Knitty pal is located somewhere here, I Kildare county, Ireland!

Knitting Updates and More

A gorgeous sunny day has turned cloudy, and a bit (1-3 inches) of snow is due tonight...I'm SO ready for Spring and warmth!
My Monkey Socks are progressing...I had to frog my sock and switch to using size 1 dpns for a better gauge, and I'm much happier with the look of the pattern. I'm turning my heel on the first one.
In other matters, my Mellow/Rutabaga secret swap pal has figured out who I am...and my Knitty secret pal was GambaGirl from Amsterdam...yes, in The Netherlands! She's quite an accomplished musician and knitter, and it was a pleasure to be her secret pal!
I haven't knitted as much as I would have liked to over this week, as a friend's son had emergency surgery (he's OK now) and I watched her 3 other children (2,6,and 9) for 2 days...they were great kids, but I'm bush-tired! :) Keep Samuel (the boy) in prayer as he recuperates from surgery.
By the way, 2 good things came in the mail today...I forget that I had ordered them earlier in the apeldoorn sock yarn (see pic below) and a beautiful sock bag from colorfullife, an etsy shop. I'll try to post pics later...

OK, time for a quick nap, then knit and watch Eragon. My schnauzer, Hannah, is curled up beside me and hubby, and dreaming of boating this summer (see her and Nannie on the boat).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Look what is finding a home with me...

Oops, I went too close to the etsy shops again...check out what I found at

This is how it's described by it's crafter Sonja: "lovely Apeldoorn Tulip Superwash Wool Sock Yarn. Looks like it is made from Apeldoorn tulips, BUT it's hand dyed yarn, 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon for extra wear and machine washability. The gauge is 7-8 stitches on size #1-#3 needles. Color fast. Machine wash, lay flat to dry. 100 grams/440 yards. One skein is enough for an adult medium pair of socks. Great for any knitting or crochet."
I think this is a gorgeous colorway, and I can't wait to see how it feels.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

To the Frog Pond I Went...

Yes, on the 5th round of the Monkey Sock lace pattern, I saw something that I didn't like, some sort of error that could have been left, but once I saw it, it had to come out...and in reality, I think my gauge loosened up a bit, so while I frogged my sock, I went down a needle size...I think it looks better, overall. There's usually a good reason for frogging. No pics yet.
In sock yarn stash news, my Claudia's Handpainted in "Caribbean Blue" and All Things Heather "Oceania" arrived from my favorite sock store, the infamous Loopy Ewe. Yummy yarns.
I wore my soft socks to the homeschool co-op today, of course showing them off. So soft, and I really can't believe I made a pair of socks all by myself, or that the Lord allowed my to. I will need to make a pair for my Sonshine Pal at church, who put socks on her questionnaire. Perhaps. If I can get better at this.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Meanderings

I've cast on my Monkey Sock for my swap yesterday, and I'm currently on #3 of 7 lace pattern rounds. It IS a fun pattern...I had no idea that it would be fun...I originally tried it as a challenge...and I hope I think it's still fun when I'm through with it. I also am trying to resize this pattern with the gracious help and suggestions of knitters who have already done this, so I'll see what the finished product is like. I'm ready to cast on a pair for myself and my SP10 pal, but I'll wait and see.