Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Working on Kid's School Vacation Week, My Purple Cardigan Update, Etc...

Sorry about not posting in a few days...I'm in CT, working on some map scanning and date entry for a relative's surveying firm (Hi, Dad) while the kids are on school vacation this week. My youngest decided to come with me and "work" at the office, too. While I usually try to put in 12 hour days, he's ready to leave after 4 hours...and I can't blame him!
In knitty news...I'm just about done with my purple cotton cardigan! I'm on the last sleeve and only need to stitch up the side's my least favorite part...the finishing. I've had this poor project on hold for a few weeks, while I've been in my sock knitting frenzy...after I ripped out a good few inches of my knitted sock while trying it on...I had to take a break from knitting it. I was so frustrated about dropping all those stitches, that I almost frogged the whole thing. Silly me...but you never know what I'll do when in the middle of a knitting crisis. What did I do? Pour a coffee, rip out the affected rows and patiently try to pick up 108 stitches on those blasted size 0 needles. I think things will be OK when I pick up my sock to knit it today. I've forgive it for the misery it's caused me. :)
Third new news...we sent in our college deposit for NU for our eldest. I'm so excited for him! He graduates May 29th, a week later he's in Europe for a month, 2 days later he should be at NU for a summer program, and 2 weeks after that, he's off for the regular what can I use his room for? My yarn stash? Sewing and computer room? A comfy chair for reading and knitting? Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself now. :)