Saturday, September 22, 2007

FFBE Bits of Bag Info for's a Secret!

I apologize for the lack of clarity in this photo...but it's of Manos...a favorite felting wool of mine.
I can't show you the pattern, it's an Indie pattern that I need to check with the designer with, before posting...but I LOVE the pattern, which I picked up on vacation while in NC at Knitting Addiction. Could this bag be for you? Is it YOUR color palette? I can't tell you, but soon the bag will be finished. Enjoy this last day of summer 2007.
P.S. Please congratulate Mary on opening an Etsy shop!...not open yet, according to her blog, but we should all go check it out when it does! Congrats, Mary! I've been following her blog from the 3-2-1 Contact blogging from earlier in the swap. :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

New Yarn to Try...and Frogging Completed...

Yes, I did it. I bought myself a skein of Windy Valley Muskox Qiviut. Yessiree. See here. So soft.
The pattern for this Feather Lace Scarf came with it.
OH MY...I can't wait to cast on and see what all the hub-bub of qiviut is all about. Of course, after reading Arctic Lace from front to back cover, I'm hooked already! Also there's Arctic Diamonds from Interweave Winter 2006 here, to start with, if you need convincing to trace these truly gorgeous patterns by Donna Druchunas.

On the other side of knitting, I "tinked" my Forest Canopy Shawl...don't cry though, I tell myself...because I'm re-casting on today with another size needle...I didn't care for my gauge on size 6 US needles, so I'm going up to a 7 with my Knit Picks Options (I'm a loose knitter...8's didn't work for me)...and I'm using Great Adirondacks Silky Socks in the Eggplant colorway. Photos...will follow!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

An Overdue Blog Update....Sorry, I'm Behind in Posting!

OK, Are you ready? Big long post ahead...a lot of to show you!...

C*Eye*Ber Fiber goodness from my KVVS pal, Tammy! Beautiful, just beautiful colorway!
Here are the Vulcan Ears that Tammy sent from Vulvan, Alberta, Canada..."Just a speck
(I mean SPOCK) on the map."

Greeting from the world's biggest :) It's one of my weaknesses, unfortunately. I'm working on it, really.
OK...we're back from vacation. And I have some WONDERFUL swap pals to thank! On this lovely Autumn day (OK, today is actually the second to last day of Summer)...I took photos of the Knitting goodies I received.

First, a big thank you to Tammy
in the Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap...
for this lovely package from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada!
What a package! Many travel brochures for me to peruse over, Cuppers coffee from Tammy's favorite local coffee shop, a brown leather bag made locally from an elderly aboriginal woman who donates volunteer time at Fort Whoop Up., Japanese goodies from the Gardens in Lethbridge (which Tammy tells me is home to many different cultures), Ammolite earrings, dug right out of the ground in Lethbridge, Canadian playing cards, chocolate (already devoured), many local gifts which include: a huge handcrafted wooden pencil, planner book, Japanese bookmark, origami ornament, a scented candle, stitch holders, and many other gifts...I was blown away by her generosity...and although I've never been to Canada (except to go to the border and turn around many years ago when lost), I actually feel like I've been there! So, I guess I need to go and see Alberta!

Next, but just as important...
another huge thank you to my SP11 Pal...who is...I don't know...she (or he) is a secret! But she is from California...this I know. Why? Let's see...

I received a lovely Hershey Postcard, Hershey chocolate scented candle, Hershey lip gloss, some lovely scented soap, a magnet, and 2 skeins of sock Cascade sock yarn in Autumn colors. I am now going to open the lip gloss and enjoy. Yum! (No, I won't eat it). :) Thanks, SP pal!

OK, next...but certainly not least, I thank my terrific Football-along Swap pal, Kim!
Now...what a Football Package! Kim sent me plates, cups, party bags and treats for my whole dish washing for me next Sunday night! Also, sent me 2 skeins of Claudia's Handpainted Yarn in a great orange colorway (Go Dolphins!), and some handcrafted fingerless gloves...a pair each in blue and orange. What an awesome gift, especially for those of us who are already chilly this Fall! She also sent 2 extra skeins of the blue colorway so I could knit another pair. Thank you! (P.S. The Twizzlers were scarfed down on Monday Night!) Hmm...along with the goodies, I noticed a lot of red and black Georgia Bulldogs stuff...that must be Kim's team. :)