Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gnorm the Knitting Gnome Visits NH

Gnorm, the gnome from the Knitting Gnome Swap...
is visiting us this week! A surprise visit, but nonetheless, he's a welcomed addition to the family this week, before I send him on his way to his next destination in the swap. (More info on his adventures are on the swap blog, above).

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sock Updates, and RIP Mr. and Mrs. Duck

Here is a long overdue update on the current Monkey Socks...I'm on the foot...and I'm knitting the heel and foot with #1s....I used #2 dpns for the patterned leg, but I'd like more definition...this should fit my swap pal perfectly, I hope!

Now for the duck obituaries...Mr. and Mrs. Duck (Mama and Daddy Duck) mysteriously disappearred over the past few days, leaving a nest full of eggs just about ready to hatch. Alas, they won't be hatching. It was either a fox or the local fisher bet is a fox, though. Sonja, the old hen, is still around...and is hiding in our garage tonight. It's stormy out, and I haven't the heart to chase her to the henhouse to be there all alone. I'm a softy. This is the nest Mama Duck has left under our ornamental bush in the front yard by the stone wall.

Although I haven't blogged much over the past 2 weeks, I've been catching up on end of school year chores, college forms, the high school theatre production, etc. Tomorrow we're expecting a lot of it sounds like a perfect knitting day in my flannel jammies. It may be Spring elsewhere, but the bank clock read 41 degrees this morning!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Presenting...Surprises from the Spring Felted Bag Exchange

I must say, as I type this third swap exchange recipient blog today...what wonderful knitters and swappers you are! I DO have knitting progress to show you, but...for lighting, I like to hang my socks in a bush...and we're having a soaking rain with thunder and lightning this afternoon. WIP (works in progress) photos today...sorry! My "Monkeys" are coming along grand, and I'm starting the heel flap on the first sock.
Here's what I received from my VERY secretive Spring Felted Bag Exchange partner...six lovely favorite online felted bag patterns in clear protective covers, a beaded row counter kit, a Noni pattern book for Bobbles Bobbles Everywhere, and...the book Knit One, Felt Too by Kathleen Taylor. Such a very thoughtful gift! I'm practically drooling as I gaze over the patterns and the book...I'm trying to resist reading them now, and waiting till the kiddos go to bed and I'll have a cup of coffee and read them. Thank you, secret pal, whomever you are! :)

By the way, I apologize for 3 long swap posts...but I am very grateful to the senders, and need to thank them and share my goodies with other swap recipients!

Gnorm Arrives in New Hampshire!

I am currently involved in the Knitting Gnome Swap, and Gnorm (the knitted traveling gnome) arrived safely in New Hampshire! I must say, his visit was quite a surprise this week, but a welcome one. :)
I thank Rae for including quite a few wonderful goodies with Gnorm...a huge milk chocolate bar, a soft dog toy for our puppy Annie, puppy stickers, scrumptious Mackinac Island fudge, Michigan Cherry Coffee Beans, a Bing Cherry candle (did I mention Gnorm traveled from Michigan?) and 2 skeins of the softest, most lovely Claudia Handpainted 100% Merino Wool in the perfect New Hampshire colorway of John B! Thank you, Rae! Now...Gnorm has a bit of sightseeing to do these next few days, then he's on his way to...oops!...can't tell you! :) He'll be sending some New Hampshire goodies, photos, and yarn for the next Gnorm recipient! Tomorrow Gnorm will begin his whirlwind tour of my bitty corner of New England.

The Knitters' Coffee Swap Package of Goodies...

I received a wonderful, wonderful coffee package from Erin! The mail lady must love was such a nice surprise to get 2 wonderful packages in the's the first one from the Knitters' Coffee Swap. I've met so many nice caffeinated knitters here!
Yes, Erin truly spoiled me, and here are the details:
2 boxes(!) of Keuring K-cups of Nantucket and Gloria Jean's Hazelnut coffees, 2 skeins of Mama E's C*Eye*Ber Fiber Sock Yarn in the Lexie colorway (it looks just like coffee with cream in it!), a Bodycoffee
spa kit...a Dunkin Donuts gift card (I'll be using that in 3 or so hours on the way to church this cold and rainy evening), 3 bars of Santander chocolate with coffee flavors and coffee bits, a pink flannel sock project bag from TheQuiltingMama, 3 wee bars of scrumptious smelling soaps (one in a coffee scent, of course) a large Creamy Cappuccino candle, and a handwritten card. I am very grateful. Thank You, Erin! :)

And now...Preventative Chocolate Swap!

These goodies were from my Preventative Chocolate swap partner from Swap-Bot!
2 great cartoons, Trader Joe's hazelnut chocolate...notice empty mangled wrapper...lots of other chocolate goodies, a sweet card, and SOCK YARN!!!! Yes, chocolate and yarn were meant to go together...sort of therapy, don't you think? :) Thanks, Tami!

Hawaiian Monkey One Package Pics!

I had blogged here a few days ago to tell you that my wonderful Monkey Swap One package had arrived...but here are the photos! Beautiful, beautiful soft in Cider Moon's Icicle fingering yarn...yummy milk chocolate macadamia nuts, monkey fabric (too cool..this will be sewn into a sock bag for me!), a cute monkey bowl, monkey stickers, Addi circulars AND the Magic Loop book, AND a CD of IZ!!!!! My FAVORITE!!!! I've been truly spoiled by Debbie...and wanted to share my package with you. Happy Knitting, Monkey Friends!

Monday, May 14, 2007

You know it's Spring in New Hampshire When...

"I Remember Mama" Production

These are a few photos of eldest son as "Papa" in the production of I Remember Mama, which was performed by our local homeschooled high school group. Wonderful! Awesome acting, props, settings, and lighting. Little sleep. Even less knitting this past weekend! Yet, it was worth it. :)
Tonight ends the sign-ups for the SuperSoxBoxSwap, which I am hosting. Tomorrow, the matching fun begins! I have many, many photos of goodies I have received from this week to share with you, but I will still have to wait a day or two....from Hawaii...Australia...California...
What wonderful knitter friends and swappers are in this wee world!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Short and Sweet List

1. Happy Mother's Day!
2. The play production is finished, went great, kids were fantastic, and I'm so tired I could puke. Sorry, but it's true. :)
3. My neglected house is in shambles, but will return to "normal" in a few days.
4. My neglected knitting is calling for me.
6. My neglected blogging is still waiting for Monday.
7. I love coffee and need a cup now. Enjoy the day!