Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is my Booga Bag, drying in the sunlight in the's Noro Kureyon, color 95, I think. So easy, and I'm not sure whether to attach the felted straps as suggested in the Booga Bag pattern, or to use the clear acrylic handles. I have to find the right button, pin, or beaded fringe to embellish this bag, before sending it off for an exchange.
What to do when it's in the 90's, no air movement, and high humidity? Sam went swimming with the cousins at their pool, while I worked on my mother's shawl in Fiesta's sapphire La Boheme. It's a blend with mohair, so I didn't last long, knitting by a pool. The shawl is just about finished, but needs to block.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What I've Been Felting

No blogging lately, I've been too busy sending out swap boxes and goodies! I've also finallly embellished my tote, for either the Spring Felted Bag Exchange, or for the International Tote Exchange IV....I have the same bag in pink tones, and not sure who to send which bag to...yet.
I'm also working on a Ballband bag, so we'll see which bag goes where soon!
I've also been winding up yarn cakes...they're so nice to hold. Hubby doesn't understand this. Do you? The Manos del Uruguay here is mostly in hues of blacks and browns, as one of my upcoming bags is for my mom, and this is her requested colorway. Too boring for me, but I get to keep the leftover Manos for myself. :)

And here is some Cascade 220 and another favorite, Noro Kureyon (both gifts from MY Spring Felted Bag Exchange Pal, JUDY!)....Ballband Bag is the projected project for these yarns.

Sock Knitting: Ummm...Sockapalooza 4 and Knitty Sock Swap socks are taking a "break" from
being knit this week. Sock knitting resumes once College Boy is off at college on July 1st.

Oh yeah...College Boy...still in Europe. Sigh. It sounds nice, and I sort of wish I was there. My mom is with him on the whirlwind tour through England, Scotland and Ireland. I love traveling with my mom, she's fun and adventurous. So is my son. I can't wait to hear details. He hasn't emailed me, but I've read some news he's sent to friends...kissing that blasted Blarney Stone, buying some sort of Welsh spoon to give to an intended down the road (can't wait to hear the story behind that one), and buying a kilt. This is my son?
They arrive in NYC Friday Evening, we drive back to NH late Friday, early Saturday, and then it's off to Norwich U on Sunday morning. THAT'S when my sock knitting resumes. Just thought you'd like to know!