Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Ramblings

Gone are the 80+ degree days that we had here in NH last week. Hello Autumn colors, the lower temps, and fresh, hot pancakes for breakfast with REAL maple syrup...the only way to eat pancakes. Truly. :)
Knittingwise, I'm still working on my Forest Canopy Shawl, and Mr. Greenjeans top (a bit), and I'm working on a Crest of the Wave lace scarf in a teal zephyr laceweight for a surprise gift for a friend...actually, I'm casting on the scarf today, as the family and I head to Florida tomorrow, for a week of R&R on the beach on Anna Maria Island...and yes, I DO knit on the beach! And read,
and swim, and make sand castles with the youngest son.
Now, podcast wise, here's what I've put on my iPod for the plane trip, etc...Cast On, Knit Picks, Sticks & String, Yarn Thing, She-Knits, Stash and Burn...and my new favorite...the Knitting Cook. I have my iPod FULL of these people, of missed episodes, etc. It's like having a knitting group with me wherever I go. I like that.
Time to homeschool, do laundry, pack, knit, and etc. Enjoy the day!
From a quote borrowed from David at Sticks & String...Carpe Lanam! (Seize the Wool!)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

MY Moose! and Knitting...

This past weekend, my hubby and I were "tourists" in our own state of NH, with another couple. We had a great time...stayed at the lake house in the Sunapee Lake region, ate out (no dishes!), ate junk food, knit, slept in, went to Dunkin Donuts numerous times, and watched college football (men's choice of entertainment) well as taking a lovely pontoon boat ride on our small but beautiful lake. We meant to go kayaking, but ran out of time.
See the moose? I think he was "hired" for the tourists in Quechee, VT! He was very close to the road, munching lazily on some leaves. What a life, huh?
I finished knitting a Noni medium carpet bag, in brown and beige colorways from Manos del Uruguay wool...I love this stuff. I need to felt it today, with pics to follow. This bag is for my FFBE pal, and will be mailed out by the weekend.