Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Spring Fling Pal Strikes NH!

I felt like it was my birthday...silly me....and it isn't! albino

I received a lovely purple yarn-tainer (keeps yarn away from the new puppy), 2 skeins of rock n roll wildfoote sock yarn (you've got to see this color!), 3 sets of Clover bamboo needles (dpn sizes 0,1,2)...a set of metal dpns in various sizes, Bath and Body Works cucumber-melon body lotion (heavenly scent), stitch markers, the 365 knitting stitches a day calendar...and a "Growing Critter" sheep...I think I'll let my youngest put this guy in water and watch him grow!
Isn't it funny how we grown women...SAHMs, professionals, retired, college age, etc, etc...get SO excited when we receive a knitting gift? I don't know about you, but my dear, dear hubby doesn't have a CLUE regarding the feeling I get when I go into a LYS, knit a project, add to my stash, learn a new technique, finish a pair of socks, or put together a surprise package for knitty friends... it's NOT the gift or monetary's the thought that counts, and the fact that there ARE other knitters/crafters out there who are just as knitty as I am! :)
On the needles: STILL...the second SKS sock...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Blog Contest! My Son Is Graduating!!!

My Son is Graduating from High School This Month...
Time for a Blog Contest for my
Knitting Friends!

To celebrate my eldest son's graduation from homeschooling from high school, and his upcoming freshman year at Norwich University, I'm having a blog contest for my knitting friends here!
It's easy! YOU leave a comment (see below), my son picks a winner for the first question, I pick a winner for the second question, and 2 people get luscious yarn goodies!
Below is Fleece Artist's Hercules colorway in a 100% Merino sock yarn. You can see the details of this yarn at

The second yarn prize is 2 skeins of Panda Wool (46% bamboo, 43% wool, 11% nylon) in either periwinkle or vine green...enough for a pair of socks!
Here are the two questions, and please leave your comments on this blog. Thanks in advance!

Question 1: What small tidbit of advice do you have for my son as he heads off to college?
(Make it short and sweet, and don't make me have to censor it!)
Question 2: I love Cookie A's sock designs. Go to Cookie's website, pick out a sock pattern for me to start (sorry, but not the German Stocking or Rhiannon) and WHY this pattern wants to jump onto my needles! If you have a yarn suggestion or etc, feel free to comment!

This contest ends Monday, May 7th, at midnight, EST. :) Have fun!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Monday!

Well...Here is sock number one...from's the elongated corded rib (4 stitch pattern) with fingering weight sock yarn and size 2 dpns. I prefer size 0 and sometimes size 1 needles for socks, but I wanted to see what size 2 on this pattern would look I know that I STILL prefer size 0/1 dpns for socks...I think the pattern definition is better, and a tighter heel is more durable. Just my humble opinion.

It's back to school week for this homeschooling family, a dental visit for me, a visit to the vet for Annie (who is still a cute bug and teething,of course!), and then tonight to my woman's encouragement/Bible group at church. Although I'm always tired at the end of the day, and try to find excuses why not to just curl up in my jammies and knit while the kiddos and hubby watch old Walker:Texas Ranger reruns...I always find a huge blessing after going to the weekly fellowship with other women...I am always blessed from spending that hour with other ladies, no matter what their ages 18 -88), and that everyone needs encouragement, a hug, and to hear from God's Word how to handle life and what it brings. A bonus: an hour of uninterrupted knitting time for me. A few weeks ago, I lost a dpn, and one of the gals said it looked like a toothpick, and she put it back on the fruit display with the other fruit picks...Ha ha...just a joke she said, but you should have seen me scanning the fruit sculpture/platter for my Rosewood dpn! Just a bit of knitting drama for you.

Can you tell I haven't had my morning Java yet? It's 8:23 am here...3 hours later than normal for coffee consumption. I had the blasted tooth episode at 3 am and took a Vicodin (motrin was hiding) and I was OUT OF IT till a little while ago. Time to get going, get the kiddos up, start school, and get those appointments out of the way.
Knitting Plans for today: work on sister's birthday socks, peruse my felted bag secret partner's blog to plan the perfect bag for her, send a swap box of goodies to my May Yarn Swap partner from Sockamaniacsocknitters...and to reshuffle the yarn in my big wicker basket...I use it as a room decoration in the corner of the master bedroom. :)

Sunday, April 29, 2007