Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WooHoo! Son has Graduated and Tangled Knot Mess Is No More!

I am a tired but happy mom and a tired yet happy knitter. Eldest son graduated from high school last night, and he even smiled for me when I snapped the photo. He is not a natural smiler. It was a wonderful evening, made even MORE wonderful by the fact that I finally unknot my Koigu skein that was almost hopelessly tangled. Perseverance and a cool head paid off, but it took 3 days and hours that I could have spent knitting. However, no scissors maimed the skein, and I feel a weird sort of satisfaction in completing this maneuver.
I am recuperating today...I took my "boy" to get his graduation gift...a new Thompson chain reference Bible, a trip to our favorite...Dunkin Donuts, a stop by Barnes and Nobles (another favorite place), Wal Mart, and back home. I'm going to be useless and take a nap (not used to staying up till 1 am) before church tonight. I am determined to finish my Monkey Socks within the next 24 hours, so naptime and advil for headache are next on my agenda today.
Did you notice I'm rambling? Yup, naptime ahead. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Knotty Knitty Kris has Knotted Yarn

Happy Tuesday! I have NO pics of knitting. Sigh. First, batteries are dead...will try to borrow son's camera GIGANTIC knot of lovely Koigu sock yarn!
This is my first HUGE (did I mention it was big?) knot of nice yarn. I was knitting merrily along...finishing my Monkey sock...when I found a little knot in my center-wound ball (wound by myself)...I ignored it...(mistake #1) then...I took the mess of knotted wool seriously. I tried to unknot the big mess for an hour at hour car ride to the lake house...the return trip...and then at home right before bed...when frustration was riding high. I am making progress...but it's unbelievable how a "little" snag can turn into a monstrosity of yarn carnage. I'm not sure what I did during the yarn winding process with my swift and ball winder, but I'll pay careful attention next time!
Tonight is our eldest son's high school graduation. I will get new camera batteries!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The LOST sock bag saga...

On Friday, I took my little sock bag (my wonderful lime green and blue paisley bag by Jennifer of with my second monkey sockand knitting goodies tucked inside...and brought it with me to church at noon (where our children's club was hosting a dinner to say thank you to all the church ministry took all day to set up for the dinner and cook). Thinking at noon that I'd have a few minutes of time to knit...being early and organized (ha ha), I took the bag with me...then it went home with me (no knitting do teenager has, I thought. Next morning...oh, it's still in his car anne, of course) at 10:30 pm...or so I thought! That night when I went to bag! "Oh, it's in the other car that my son has" and he didn't come home till after the morning I find out that he's at work... then he returned home, said he had the bag..and then went to the mall..with my bag that he shoved in the back of the truck! Now, our old Suburban back door doesn't always lock I worried about anything else besides the sock bag? No! Son then took truck to Youth Group at church...and bag safely arrived home at 9:30 last night. Sigh. I was like a clucking mother hen...I don't mean to be attached to material things...but my goodness, it's my sock bag! :)
I had tried to start knitting my tote for the Spring Felted Bag Exchange, but my heart wasn't in it.
Silly me. So, now it's time to finish up my Monkey Sock for the Monkey Swap, and keep my sock bag close to me at all times!