Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mid January, and I'm Posting! (January 24th, 2008)

Can you say...Vogue Knitting... 1939?

Now, it's NOT 1939, but here are some articles from Vogue's knitting book from 1939 (Book Four). Notice the fitted garments. Most of the patterns are listed for size 16.

Next, is the Tramline Cabled Pullover by Vermont Fiber Designs. This is the "bad" project/ yarn that I had to frog so many times, due to my inability to read a simple cable chart! It is an easy pattern, and I especially like the fact that I've finally learned to cable without a cable needle, except for large and difficult cables. Yes, I do like this pattern for my first cabling except for a scarf and a bag.
OH, and here's hubby's Rowan Tapestry. It needs to be blocked better, I think. Yet, he wore it. Good guy.

Here's my Hemlock Ring Throw...Blocked and yet...not great photos, sorry. Go to Brooklyn Tweed's blog for beautiful photos of his throw, as well as other gorgeous knitting projects. It came out to be about 5 feet in diameter.

Short and sweet...
1. hubby is home (seeking employment after an early Dec. layoff)
2. due to #1, computer is not available for my whim/use. :)
3. Finished objects: garter stitch tie for hubby, socks for mom, and the hemlock blanket.
4. My latest (#3, and only since late November) trip to WEBS in Northampton, Mass.
5. On my needles:
Tramline Cable Pullover, design by Vermont Fiber Designs
Yarn: Plymouth Galway, in a light sage green colorway, size US6 needles.
Casted on 5 times, now about 10 inches are completed!
Ripped out...4 times...within a 5 day span. Fifth time was a charm...must of had something to do with PAYING ATTENTION to reading the chart! Duh, Kris. :)

Above, is the Cabled Scarf by Tanis Gray, as found in Vogue Winter 2007/08. I am knitting it in Cascade Bollicine Victor, an Italian yarn that is 3.5oz./100gr./114yds. in a darker burgundy red color than is seen is actually color #24. It is a tangled cable pattern with skinny ribbed edges, and I'm involved in a KAL with the Yarn Thing forum on Ravelry. Join the fun!

Lastly, here's a magazine that someone gave's Coats & Clark's Book #515 from was for 25 cents.