Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogging Hiatus

I won't be blogging for awhile. :) Things are busy here, family is keeping me busy, my health is keeping me busy, and I'm knitting to keep me busy at home, at dr appointments, and when picking up kids from various activities. I haven't been on Ravelry even. Yikes, and I really, really love Ravelry. I've been lax on two swap partners, and I ashamedly just sent out the last two packages to my pals...a month late. That's bad...and I've always been a great swap person to count on. Sounds silly, but I like to be dependable and be counted on.

I guess I'm trying to set priorities in the midst of turmoil, and just need to take a break from extracurricular activities right now, and trust God in all things! He is always good. :) And, I need to write some very apologetic and sincere notes to my swap pals for their waiting.


Mythrilmalorn said...

Feel better!!!

Briley said...

Kris, sorry to hear life is getting so hectic for you, but ravelry and new swaps will be ready and waiting when your life can accomodate them. Take care of yourself, and be well!

Dorothy said...

Kris - you're in my thoughts and prayers! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help! I hope that God gives you a sense of renewal and strength.

Yarn Thing said...

I am so sorry things are hard right now!!!! Let us know if you need anything okay?