Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 9th...and where do the days go?

KnitPicks of my new favorites for washcloths, and below...Rowan Pure Life.

It's ALREADY August?!!!!! Where did the summer go? One minute I'm planning what to do, what to reorganize, what to knit, what to do on the lazy dazy crazy days of summer...then ..... school is about to begin. Oh My.
As you can see, I haven't taken many pictures recently. I've been knitting facial cloths and even dishcloths, and now...a swiffer cover (free pattern).

Things are hectic with kid's camp, church activities, and etc...and my knitting is well, but not worthy of photos (how many striking photo ops of dishcloths can you dream up?). However, I will attempt to photograph something to put up here. On Ravelry, I've been involved in the Knitters Holiday Swaps, Handmade Soap and Washcloth swap, the Caffeine Addict swap, and a few other things. For my Caffeine Addict swap pal, I whipped up a Cabled Mug Cozy in Noro cute, that I need to make one for myself. However, the one I sent to my pal is a bit tall, so she may have to use it on a LARGE mug, or a travel mug. I'll adjust mine to fit my oh-so-wonderful Longaberger coffee mugs.
Yarns I'm using for various facial cloths (too nice to be called washcloths!) are...Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton and Skinny cotton (my very, very favorite cottons), KnitPicks CotLin, Louet Euroflax (not enjoying the feel of this while on the needles...but I'll press on), and Rowan Pure Life, another organic cotton, naturally dyed.


km said...

I know. I've been knitting cloths too. And a cloth here and there...hardly worthy of pulling out the camera. But, a stack of cloths ready for a gift or for the bathroom/kitchen drawer. That's a lovely thing. If you get a stack...I'd like to see. =0)

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

The euroflax is supposed to soften up with I hear. I'll have to try some other cotton/blends for cloths...the P&C S&C hurt my hands.